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At our cleaning company, we apply 100 percent non-poisonous cleaning products. We like to keep you family, pets, and home utilities as safe as possible by facilitating a healthy environment as we do our job We get our products from leading manufacturers in Windsor who uphold environment sustainability.

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    Affordable prices

    We are your leading local carpet cleaners who give a wide array of services at budget-friendly rates. Check our carpet cleaning price guide from our official website. You won’t decline any of our offers given the reliable and expert job you are going to get. Since we are a fully-fledged company, don’t expect any franchise dealings and all savings benefits you.


    Comprehensive insurance

    We value our customer’s peace of mind in every job we undertake. Make us your best carpet cleaning service and you will never regret. We are fully covered by a liability insurance cover and any loss that happens under our care is all on us. When it comes to ID, references, VAT registration, trade standards, address, insurance, limited liability, and license; everything is checked. We promise the highest standards in sanitation of carpets, leather, and upholstery; all reinforced by exclusive customer service you won’t find anywhere else in Windsor.


    Reasons you should choose us

    We use innovative carpet cleaning machines which are quicker and more efficient so that you get your home comfort back as soon as possible. It will only take hours rather than days to have your carpet back in its right place. Our company is dedicated to green life. We value the environment and that is the reason we partner with like-minded manufacturers to obtain organic, non – toxic cleaning agents and products. All our detergents and cleaning solutions produce impeccable results while ensuring that carpet fibers last longer and retain a great appeal. If you choose us today, you will enjoy flexibility from our reputable services. We make sure that we carry out your project at your convenience. We are never late but ever friendly. With our services, discoloration or shrinkage of carpets after cleaning is unheard of. 100 % customer satisfaction is what we guarantee.


    Additional services

    Apart from carpet cleaning, we also specialize in the following household jobs

    • Mattress vacuuming
    • Rug cleaning
    • Curtain cleaning
    • Stain-resistant treatment services
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Leather cleaning


    Contact us any time for a non-obligation price quote: (707) 566-7066. You may also reach to our experts by filling in an online form and e will respond to you in the timeliest opportunity. You will see how our services make a difference.


    Top 10 carpet cleaning products

    We have the strongest yet safest cleaning products to deal with any kind of stains, odors, discoloration, or burns on your carpet.


    • Spot and stain remover for most stains
    • Urine remover- takes away the ammonium odor
    • Carpet powder for strong colored stains
    • Carpet foam for high traffic carpets
    • Action power spray
    • Hand shampoo
    • Action gel for white carpets
    • Pre-treat gel
    • Stain bar soap
    • odor remover


    Carpet cleaning tips

    Most of our clients ask the number of time they need their carpet cleaned. Our best advice is to clean once a year, followed by regular vacuuming. But it depends on traffic, number of pets, and condition of the house. Choose our products to triple the lifespan of your carpet.

    Thorough cleaning revitalizes the appearance of your carpet hence it smells fresh and looks neat. Also, wearing of fibers is minimized thus elongating its life. Did you know that even a clean carpet can hold up to half a kilo of dirt per square meter?


    Adverse effects if dirt on carpets

    You need to find a carpet cleaning service for thorough deep cleaning and that is precisely what we are here for. Your carpet is destroyed by the smallest particles you can’t see with naked eyes. Sand and dirt deteriorate quality of your carpet so that it becomes more prone to staining and pilling. It is very important to vacuum your carpet frequently if your kids and pets love to play on it. Great traffic makes the carpet flatter due to fiber abrasion. If the carpet is not cleaned, fiber abrasion develops into fiber loss. Call Carpet Cleaning Windsor at (707) 566-7066.