Low Moisture Process

The look and appeal of a clean carpet it what keeps us in business. Since people like fresh clean carpets, we get call regularly. But to make sure that a carpet is properly cleaned, you got to pay attention to it on a regular basis. And with life being so hectic so often, we often don’t have time to get the carpets cleaned and wait so long for it to dry before we got to continue on with our daily activities. By using a low moisture water based cleaning system, we promise that your carpets will be dry in one hour

By making the promise of quickly dry and cleaned carpets, we also want to make sure the whole cleaning process is done better than those other carpet cleaners that leaves soiled and stained carpets behind them.

As soon as we walk up in the building, we make sure to identify any existing stains and blemishes on the carpet during our carpet pre-inspection, where we walk through and identify all the areas that may require a little extra cleanign attention.

To start with the low moisture cleaning process, we use a special cleaning solution that we spray onto the surfaces of the carpets that we are treating. Right off the bat, this environmentally friendly green cleaning solution starts to go to work by deeply penetrating the surface of the carpet fibers, and the soil and stains will start to loosen up where they can be cleaned up in the next face. Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning makes sure to treat the Windsor, CA carpet owning customers are getting the best techniques, and the best technology when we start to rock that clean.

After we initially sprayed that cleaning solution onto your carpets, we use our buffer that has absorbent cotton pads that will spin on the surface of the carpet and it hits the fibers of the carpet at every angle. That soil that was chilling on the surface of the carpets after we sprayed the solution, now it is getting picked up by the pads.

After grooming the carpets, it’s going to look new, feel fresh, be clean, and will help create a healthy environment for everyone who is in contact. And guess what, now in only an hour, your carpets are dry and clean.

By getting the low moisture treatment for your carpet cleaning, you can get right back to living your life with a dry, clean carpet, and nobody is getting wet socks as they walk from room to room.

All cities nearby can get a low moisture cleaning service for carpets, upholstery, janitorial, and rug cleaning needs all throughout the Sonoma County area, hitting cities like: Petaluma, Windsor, Sonoma, Cloverdale, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Geyserville, and Fulton.