Carpet Repairs

A beautiful carpet can sometimes be what makes a home unique, comfortable, and stylish. When there are tears in the carpet, a tacky appearance usually comes off of it. We repair tears in carpets, as well as do carpet installation, both big jobs and small.

Sometimes, the carpets appearance can certainly be fixed by getting a carpet stretching, where the carpet technician will provide an continuing repairs that need to be done on your carpet.

When one of our professional carpet repair service guys come in to work, you can have them do a wide array of different jobs that can make the appearance, and functionality of your carpet work a lot better. This can include having your carpet re-seamed, tac strip replaced, replace the carpet pads, re-stretch the carpet, provide carpet patches, and any other service that we deem necessary to return your carpet back to it’s original beautiful state.

By using a knee kicker, we are able to keep the corners of your carpets sharp, and have nothing noticeably odd about it after we are done. By using a power stretcher and our other available tools, we can stretch the carpet to a perfect point.


The Carpet installation process goes like this:

  • Laying a carpet on a sub floor
  • Make sure the temperature and carpet temperature is on point for carpet stretching
  • Fill any holes, cracks, or strips in the sub floor or carpet to ensure the carpet is fixed correctly.
  • Add light
  • Keep ventilation
  • Vacuumed the carpet
  • Steam clean it
  • Minimize remaining dust as carpet settles.
  • Protect the carpet