Windsor Carpet Cleaning

If you live in Windsor, CA, the best option for a carpet cleaning is one that is local to your residence. The owner of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning is a Sonoma County native, and lives in Windsor, CA. Martin Lopez is an absolute professional, and proud owner of his Windsor carpet cleaning business. After deciding his passion was to help his local area with all of their cleaning needs, and do it proudly, Martin bought a franchise, and went to work taking, and creating longtime relationships with the customers of the Windsor and greater Sonoma County area. Call Martin or one of his cleaning technicians to set up your cleaning appointment today, (707) 566-7066

It’s not just carpet cleaning that Martin and his cleaning technicians do, there are a ton of services that fall under the umbrella of what it takes to fully keep a home or business at it’s cleanest.

If you are looking to get your chair, couch, ottoman, loveseat, or other type of upholstery cleaned, we offer the best cleaning solutions and stain removal kits in the area, and just about always completely eliminate any signs of stains from the surface, as well as clean deep into the fibers of the materials.

If your shower, kitchen, or other floor tile and grout is starting to look a little dirty and could use some cleaning, great! We also clean tile and grout and we do it very professionally.

professional carpet cleaning

Have a dirty oriental or area rug that is started to lose its beautiful appearance and could use a cleaning? We can clean them on the spot, or, if you would rather not have us spend time at your property, we also provide rug pickup and delivery service, and we can clean them at our residence and have them returned to you in a timely manner.

We also clean curtains, which is often a forgettable service, yet very necessary to clean to keep your environment in tip top, clean shape.

    In Windsor, many people are very outdoorsy types. It doesn’t matter the season, or the time of day, you can often find someone who lives in Windsor, CA enjoying the great outdoors and taking some of the dirt from outside onto their feet into the inside of homes and businesses. There’s no problem with that we believe, and it is actually a great sign of showing how active the people in the area are. But, after awhile of dirt, dust, grime, gunk, and junk building up onto your carpets and couches, they could use a solid cleaning to remove any signs of harmful bacteria. We use water based green environmentally friendly solutions for much of our cleaning and stain removal jobs, and lucky enough, we got the stuff to deeply penetrate through the surface of many stains and clean it all the way out. We are happy to take on any kind of cleaning job, big or small, and we do them for one-time services, or recurring, whatever best works for you.

    If you need a Windsor Carpet Cleaner, Call us up at (707) 566-7066