Fabric / Carpet Protection

Carpet protection is causing confusion among clients in the industry of carpet cleaning. The reason being, many other companies do not offer the service, or do not do it complimentary. Many of the top companies will do an excellent job of cleaning so as the customer is very impressed initially, but after a few weeks, carpet stains are reappearing, and dirt and liquids are sticking to the carpet fibers very easily.

There is much confusion among the uninformed people who get their carpet cleans about how much a carpet protectant really helps keep those stains permanently gone and how to keep that carpet cleaner longer. By misrepresenting the carpet cleaning industry, these big companies actually make it easier for us honestly run carpet cleaning companies to retain the customers that we do get. Since we provide a protectant product to the carpets and upholstery that we clean, our clean carpets last longer than our competitors, and customers start to figure out who the honest companies are.

So if you are the type of household with active people, pets, messy children, you’re going to want to hire a carpet cleaner that applies a protector after cleaning your carpets. This will help maximize the ability of your carpet and upholstery to fight against pet urine, pet excrement, liquid spills, dirt, dust, mold, and other things that could damage the exterior of your carpet. Just by applying a carpet protector, the life of your carpet will last much longer until you need to get them cleaned again.

Some mistakes that other cleaners make when applying protector that we will not.

  • Not using the high quality protectant. Some of those fly by night carpet cleaners use the low quality protectant cleaners, and it causes customers to believe that’s the best product available, since that is simply not true and we use the best protection available, it makes it easier on us when customers are looking to hire a long term cleaner.
  • Deciding against using a protectant that is in a container and sprays. By using a separate container than the ones used for carpet cleaning, the protectant works the best and will be very effective in keeping the carpet fresher longer.
  • Applying the protectant incorrectly. Since this aspect of the cleaning job is so important, we always make sure it is applied in a correct manner so it will work just how it is supposed to.
  • Not grooming the carpet. To get the protectant to stick to the fibers of the material long term, you want to make sure that the protectant is groomed into the carpet and deeply penetrates the surfaces until it fully sticks and stays there long term.

By using carpet protectant, the chances of your clean carpets lasting longer increases exponentially. By using a fiber protectant, the stains that you would normally call permanent, are exactly the opposite. Liquid can be easily removed, and dirt will not stick to the fibers of the carpet as easily. Instead of damaging your carpet scrubbing and trying to work out the tough stains, your carpet protector will keep you from tearing and damaging your carpet instead of trying to clean it. Upholstery also remains strong with protector, and stains will sit on the surface more often than penetrate it. Each time you clean your carpets, it will be easier than you once remembered. Carpet protector is a life saver for many homeowners, and you can bet you are going to get it applied with Martin Lopez and the Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning team.