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When you are looking for a cheap carpet cleaner, but don’t want to hire a “cheap” professional cleaner, it’s in your best interest to hire a steam cleaning service that is going to leave all the dirt outside and keep the clean carpets inside the house. Nobody wants to be breathing harmful chemicals, this is why the Windsor Carpet Cleaning team only uses environmentally friendly green cleaning solutions. Our major cleaning solutions are water-based cleaning which do not bleach the carpet fibers like some of the big commercial cleaners will do to carpets and rugs. Our water based solutions work just as well as the harsh chemicals that some of the competitors will use to clean the carpets and upholstery, but the water based solutions are much safer to use to clean fibers than the harmful chemicals that can affect pets, friends, and family members inside your home or business. Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning today to get a cheap professional carpet cleaning today! (707) 566-7066

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Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning is a franchise owned carpet cleaner service, owned by family man Martin Lopez. We have the same kind of machinery and carpet cleaning solutions as all the big companies in town, but we do it at a price that many people would consider cheap. But, we consider ourselves absolute professionals when it comes to cleaning services. We do not cheaply clean carpets, but we do clean them at a cheap price. We are total professional cleaning company that residents and businesses in the Sonoma County area constantly will call us for any of their cleaning services, especially for the regular cleaning visits.

We regularly will get calls from past customers of Stanley Steemer, Advanced Dry, and other top carpet cleaning companies asking about the prices that we supply for carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, rug, and other cleaning services, before they then will ask about the kind of company that we are. All of our carpet cleaners are stand up people who we feel represent the type of trustworthy people that you can allow in your home or business.

We hold very strong values when it comes to how we treat our customers. To us, it’s not just about providing the best ccc job around, it’s also about bringing the type of person into your home that you can trust to be alone in a room without feeling threatened. We have heard countless reports of customers having problems being able to trust other people who come into their home, particularly carpet cleaners, and will ask us if they can trust that we will be upstanding citizens while in their house or the building.

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Carpet cleaning customers can be certain that we are a great cleaning company that they can trust to be in their home alone, and provide the best professional cleaning services in the area. Professional cleaners can regularly be called upon throughout the year as a service that some people like to build relationships with the company and their particular cleaner. Martin Lopez and his company of fine carpet cleaners are great people and Martin will only hire people professionals who reflect the values that we as a company want to represent us. It is sometimes said that a company is only as good as their weakest link, and everyone we hire is a consummate professional. Call Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning today to get your free quote of service, we can be reached at (707) 566-7066

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