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Superior Results Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services

While your home is the greatest asset, your commercial property is the face of your business.

To keep your company or home at their best appeals, we give you services of the highest caliber through our professionals who know your property’s ideal cleaning requirements.

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    Backed by modern technology and approaches, we aid in giving a sanitized and healthy living condition that you, your family, and employees deserve. In a nut shell we love clean environments and this is evident in our reputation and portfolio. Accountability and commitment are what makes us the number one residential and commercial cleaning company.


    Janitorial services

    Dial (707) 566-7066 if you are in dire need for a productive and healthy working or living space. We customize our office cleaning services so as to fit your budget and personal needs.


    Comprehensive Services

    • Special cleaning
    • Upholstery services
    • Flooring
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Tile and grout
    • Project-oriented services
    • Air ducts and AC filter cleaning
    • Hardwood sanitation


    Trust our experts with offers that transcend your expectations. Our specialty projects are carried out with high expertise and technical equipment.


    Cleaning of air ducts and vents

    This is one of our customized offers which ensure a healthy and efficient HVAC in your house. Air ducts collect a lot of dust which clogs the smooth flow of fresh air into the house. If left dirty for long, your AC gets overworked hence consuming a lot of power and costing you a lot at the end of the month. We are your trusted cleaners who will ensure that you run cost-effective ventilation system for your home. We make thorough inspection to make sure that you get satisfied.


    House cleaning services

    Our excellence in cleaning goes beyond commercial places to residential houses because we have a personal touch of our experts and great standards of commitments. For many years we have been serving homeowners who attribute our company to the following criteria.

    • Safe home cleaning products which are friendly to children and pets
    • Affordable house cleaning prices
    • High standards that improve home décor and curb appeal
    • Consistent services
    • Exquisite services and proactive behavior of our employees
    • Loyalty and timely completion of house cleaning projects


    Loyal services

    Every commercial premise has its unique needs regarding cleaning. We are available for 12 hours of a day when you are around to ensure that you confirm every step undertaken. We send supervisors to facilitate quick solutions to emerging issues as well as effective communication. Do you have a school, clinic, or a small office in town and seeking professional cleaners? Make us your number one choice and we will offer you an A-grade service.

    We have a master program that measures the satisfaction our customers get. The program enables us to work towards delivery of our promises as well as enhancing loyalty. We carry out a survey on our customers after completion of projects and apply the results in service improvement and staff training. For any type of cleaning you need, we will promote your living space and maintain a sparkling property. To monitor the progress of our customer’s projects, we produce a documented check-up program for quality control and a time- tracking system that makes sure that our cleaners do thorough work.


    Training and certification

    All our employees are qualified and we also offer the health care knowledge and certificates. Our professionals can handle all types of commercial places including hospitals, training institutions, and hotel industry. We developed our principles based on the recognition we received for providing healthy practices and methods, A lot of healthcare organizations have commended our company and we pride in the many accreditations.


    A phone call away

    (707) 566-7066 is the number you can reach us on. We ceaselessly advocate for premium cleaning standards using our customized techniques that meet your exact needs. Call us any time to get free quotes for your office or house cleaning rates. We believe that good is not enough. We follow our promises diligently for our customers to build trust in us once they are 100% satisfied.


    Our main priority is to satisfy our client right from the initial plans all the way to completion. We conduct thorough processes to yield outstanding results.