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A Guarantee For the Cleanest And Healthiest Carpets in Windsor, California

We have been updating our cleaning techniques and equipment just so we give our clients the modern trends in house cleaning and carpet cleaning. We ensure that we take advantage of new technologies to reach our goals which are focused on offering exclusive services and outcomes. After giving clients healthy and clean carpets, they refer us to other customers. We also do upholstery carpet cleaning covering all types of leather. Another one of our specialty is stain and spot removal. If you like an additional service, we clean your tiles and grouts. Get in touch with a Windsor Carpet Cleaner today! (707) 566-7066

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    Consumer friendly cleaning solutions

    • Standard cleaning

    It is an affordable home carpet cleaning solution.  Depending on the type of situation you are in, we will give effective solutions like the no-frills service which is a perfect rental property or vacant house. It is very simple and takes place in a short period of time


    • Premium cleaning

    Our premium services are high-rated, multi-step solutions. We do pre-treatment and pre-vacuuming the carpets for effective outcomes. The costs of premium services are worth the outcomes. After applying a high-end cleaning agent, we have to brush the carpet in order for the chemical to penetrate the fibers. Our cleaning products are highly effective in dissolving dirt. To flush out the dirt and the cleaning agents, we use power extraction equipment that leaves your carpet fresh and healthy.


    Apart from the above options, we are dedicated to modern techniques that yield excellent outcomes at a faster drying rate.


    Windsor carpet cleaners are qualified and reputable servicemen who have gone through training in recognized institutions in Windsor, California. We have been accredited by various organizations for the provision of cleaning services in all types of carpets including wool. We guarantee to take good care of your woolen carpets and other materials like nylon.